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How do I reactivate my QR Codes?
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Unlike static QR Codes, dynamic QR Codes are deactivated after your trial period expires. In this case, you can continue using static QR Codes if they meet your requirements.

However, if you wish to reactivate your dynamic QR Codes, you must upgrade to a paid plan before your trial period expires.

Please note that you must upgrade the account on which you created the QR Code. Creating a new account with an upgraded plan will not help reactivate it.

You can follow these steps to upgrade your plan:

  1. Go to your QR Code dashboard.

  2. Click ‘Account’ under your Profile.

  3. Select ‘Change Plan’ to view the various plans Uniqode offers.

Click ‘Buy Now’.

You can fill in your account and payment information to purchase the plan. After the account upgrade, you can return to the QR Code dashboard to view your reactivated QR Codes.

If you are unable to find the account linked to your QR Code, you can contact us at or +1 (646) 968 0378 with the QR Code’s Short URL. Our team will be happy to assist you with your queries.

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