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How do I disable a QR Code?

Do not need your QR Code anymore? Learn how to disable it on Uniqode's dashboard.

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Note: Dynamic QR Codes created on the free trial will automatically be disabled when the free trial period ends. You can reactivate them by upgrading to a paid plan.

While Uniqode doesn't offer a direct "disable" function, here are some alternative ways to manage the QR Codes you no longer need:

1. Delete the QR Code

  • You can delete a QR Code if you no longer wish to use it. Doing this will remove the QR Code from the Active list. If you delete a QR Code and a user scans it, they will see an error.

  • Deleted codes are placed in "Trash and you can easily restore them from here.

  • Caution: Please note that deleting a QR Code will also remove any analytics associated with it.

  • We recommend this option only if you're sure you won't use the QR Code again.

2. Create a custom landing page

  • You can create a custom landing page to inform the user that the QR Code is no longer valid.

  • Redirect the user to this page by changing the target URL of the QR Code.

  • You can create a landing page using the Landing Page option in the first step of QR Code creation.

3. Define a schedule for your QR Code campaign

You can define a validity period for your QR Code with start and end dates. To do this:

  • You can set the Start and End dates in the Customization step of QR Code creation under ‘Advanced Settings’.

  • Follow these steps:
    ​Create QR Code > Step 2: Customization > Advanced Settings > Start Date & End Date

  • The QR Code will be automatically disabled after the End date.

4. Use Uniqode’s Smart Rules QR Codes

  • With Smart Rules QR Code, you can disable a QR Code based on date, time, number of scans, and other factors and redirect users to a different URL.

  • For instance, you can create a rule that deactivates a QR Code after June 4, 2024. For this, you must set up the condition ‘if Date is June 4, 2024’ and redirect the users to a different URL – a custom landing page that displays the message “This QR Code is no longer valid”.

  • You can choose the Smart Rules QR Code option in the first step of QR Code creation.

5. Categorize them under a label

  • Categorize unwanted QR Codes for easy identification with custom labels.

  • You can create labels like "Disabled," "Deactivated," or "Archived" to group your unwanted codes.

Follow these steps to create a label or add a QR Code to an existing label:

  1. Go to QR Codes on the left panel on your dashboard.

  2. Click the kebab menu (⋮) next to the desired QR Code.

  3. Choose an existing label or create a new one using +Create New Label.

  4. Click Apply to save the changes.

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