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Uniqode Product Updates: April 2024
Uniqode Product Updates: April 2024
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As humans, we love the familiar but desire the new. A recent McKinsey article reported that up to 70% of consumers crave the ease of digital solutions, but value the human connection in physical interactions. After all, personal connections are what make experiences memorable!

Innovating on a leading phygital technology like QR Codes keeps Uniqode (formerly Beaconstac) at the forefront of this landscape as we constantly evolve based on your feedback. This month, we've focused on making your QR Codes more shareable and accessible within and outside your organization.

Here’s what we shipped out in April:

Recently shipped features and improvements:

No More Downloading & Saving: Copy QR Codes to Clipboard

Share your QR Codes in a snap. Copy your QR Code to the clipboard and paste it directly into emails, documents, messages, social media, or other tools.

Your QR Code Dashboard is Now Mobile-Friendly

We're thrilled to announce that your Uniqode dashboard is now optimized for mobile screens.

We know you're constantly on the go, juggling tasks and managing your business. Now you can access your dashboard through your mobile browser to create, edit, and track your QR Codes from wherever you are.

We've brought the same intuitive dashboard experience you love to your mobile device, complete with responsive screens, clear menus, and smooth navigation. This update is a testament to Uniqode's commitment to providing the tools you need to succeed in a fast-paced world.

Boost Collaboration Across Teams: Copy and Transfer Linkpages and Forms between Organizations

Now, you can easily copy and transfer Linkpages and Forms between organizations within your account. This is perfect for streamlining workflows and ensuring seamless collaboration across teams. Learn more

Note: This feature is available only for users on the BUSINESS+ plan.

Upcoming releases:

  • Automatic QR Code design recommendations: A dashboard design improvement that automatically suggests stunning QR Code designs based on your branding.

  • Boost Your Insights with Forms Response Add-ons: Introducing a new way to maximize your data collection on Forms. Seamlessly add more responses to your Forms whenever you need them.

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