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Uniqode Product Updates: November 2023
Uniqode Product Updates: November 2023
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If you don’t live under a rock, you must be as excited as we are by the latest developments in Generative AI (Gen AI) over the last month. As a powerful tool that generates content without human intervention, Gen AI opens up many possibilities for businesses seeking to enhance customer engagement.

The excitement for Gen AI speaks volumes about businesses’ need for personalized user experiences across industries and geographies. A recent Uniqode study reported a staggering fourfold increase in QR Code creation by businesses between 2021 and 2023.

Year on year growth in QR Code creations across the globe

This surge in adoption underscores the growing recognition of QR Codes as a versatile tool for bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds. It also highlights its key role in shaping the future of customer engagement.

Keeping pace with these advancements, Uniqode is proud to unveil its latest product updates:

Recently shipped features and improvements: QR Codes

Collaboration Made Simple with Team Invites

Now, you don’t have to manage your QR Codes alone. Uniqode empowers you to share QR Code management with your team members and boost efficiency.

Click the Invite Teammates widget on the lower left corner of the dashboard. This feature helps you grant custom access levels to help invitees create and manage QR Codes.

Note: This feature is available on the Plus plan and above.

Enhanced QR Code management with scan-based sorting

We have enhanced the QR Code sorting feature to help you organize and prioritize them based on total scan data.

Scan-based QR Code sorting will give you a clear picture of which QR Codes generate the most engagement, providing valuable insights into your scanners’ preferences and behaviors. This knowledge can inform future campaign strategies, content creation, product development, and learning the steps you need to take to ensure your other QR Codes remain relevant and engaging. It can also enable you to allocate resources more effectively, optimize campaigns for maximum impact, and uncover hidden growth opportunities.

New Business page template for Linkpages

We know you’ve enjoyed creating your brand’s online presence with Linkpages. Many of you have also appreciated Linkpage templates since we released them. Templates are ready-to-use designs that help launch Linkpages within minutes.

Our newly launched business page template is designed with details tailored to your business needs. You can use this template to promote your products and services or extend it to capture leads by showcasing your company profiles. Take a few minutes to customize the template with your content and align it with your brand - and you’re ready to go!

Upcoming releases:

  • Simplified Linkpage - QR Code user journey: Experience a seamless Linkpage creation journey, all within a simplified and user-friendly interface.

  • Enhanced filtering experience to manage QR Codes - Easily add and exclude multiple filters, utilize operators for refined searches, and effortlessly locate the specific QR Codes you need to analyze.

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