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Age-gated QR Codes for restaurant menus
Age-gated QR Codes for restaurant menus

Learn how you can restrict underage customers from accessing your restaurant menu.

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Uniqode enables restaurant owners to create age-restricted QR Code menus to ensure that only individuals above a certain age have access to the items on the menu. This is ideal for restaurants that serve items that require age verification. On scanning the QR Code, the customer will be prompted to enter their age. They will have access to the menu only if their age is greater than or equal to the age you’ve specified.

How to create an age-gated QR Code

  • Set up your QR Code restaurant menu as prompted - upload your menu in PDF format. Select separate time-based menus or upload a generic all-day menu. Go to 'Branding' to add your restaurant's logo, text, background image, etc. Then, click ‘Next’.

  • Customize your QR Code as required - alter the eyes and pattern, add a background, and so on.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the customization page and select ‘Show Advanced Settings'.

  • Head to the ‘Age Restriction’ section under advanced settings and enter the minimum age required to access the menu. Anyone below this age will be unable to access the contents of the menu.

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