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Get started with user-friendly widgets to create advanced Linkpages designed to convert.

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If you are a social media influencer, a small-business owner, or even a beginner, chances are you’ve felt the need to create landing pages for new ideas within minutes. You need a landing page builder that lets you create and publish landing pages without typing a single line of code. That’s why we’ve built Linkpages at Uniqode. Creating Linkpages is super easy, too, thanks to its builder’s widgets.

What’s a widget?

Have you ever tried to change the look of your phone’s wallpaper and seen a bunch of clocks, calendars, app shortcuts, or the weather display?

They are called widgets. These tiny software applications are easy to access, simple to use, and quick to set up. Many of us love using them to access important information on our phones.

However, widgets are not only limited to phones. They play a significant role in simplifying any human-computer interfaces.

What are Linkpage widgets, and how can they help you?

Generally, widgets can be as rudimentary as a button or a check box or slightly more sophisticated, like a text tool or a unit converter.

While building Linkpage’s builder tool, we wanted to use the power of widgets to make landing page creation a smooth experience. If you frequently spend time creating landing pages and microsites, you’ll love using Linkpage’s intuitive and easy-to-use widgets. You can watch your page come alive as Linkpage’s no-code builder lets you preview it while adding content through its widgets.

Use them to:

  • Insert text

We know that great copy is key to building convincing landing pages. While content is vital, making it look easy to the eyes is also essential. Lucky for you, altering the size, color, alignment, and style of text is easy with Linkpage’s Text widget.

  • Add an image gallery

Since our brains process and remember visual elements much more than text, the first thing a potential customer sees on your Linkpage is the images. Sometimes, they’re all that’s standing between your customers bouncing off or choosing to spend more time on your page. With ‘Image Gallery', Linkpages lets you add pictures to your landing page in grid and carousel formats.

  • Embed a video

If images aren’t enough to impress your audience, insert YouTube or Wistia links to public videos with Linkpages’ Embed Video widget. You can also mute or auto-play these videos based on how you want them to play on your Linkpages.

  • Connect social media links

Creating convertible landing pages means hyper-focused on delivering the right message to your reader. For everything else, there are social media. Linkpages’ Social Links widget lets you add social media buttons to your Linkpages. It’s a great way to let your viewers quickly navigate to your social media pages that tell them more about your company’s products or services.

  • Attach a Form

Attaching a Form to your page is an excellent solution if your landing page needs to collect visitor contact details, conduct a survey, or track a poll. With Linkpages’ Form widget, you can easily attach a customized and trackable Form (made within Uniqode) to your landing page.

  • Create separate content blocks

You can also add a separator between your content blocks to make a more substantial visual impact on your readers. Use the Separator widget to insert a horizontal line divider and create a visually clear separation between different types of content on your page.

  • Direct your audience to another landing page

Maybe you’re launching multiple landing pages for a campaign, or you want to track the performance of all your landing pages on a single dashboard. We’ve made it easy to create a master landing page of all your landing pages with Linkpages.

  • Add a Linkpage to your Linkpages

If you can code, you could manually create your beautiful landing page to link to your Linkpage. Or, you create another Linkpage to attach to an existing Linkpage with this widget.

  • Add a Call button

Increase customer engagement by adding a button allowing visitors to call your business directly from your Linkpage.

  • Add Location

It's easy to add your business's location to your Linkpage. Enter your address, and the widget will automatically generate a map and directions for your customers. The widget is also mobile-friendly, so customers can easily find you.

  • Add Business Hours

Search engines like Google consider your business hours when ranking your Linkpage in search results. This helps provide users with the most relevant and accurate results. Tell your customers when you are open and closed by adding your business hours to your Linkpage with the Business Hours widget.

☝️ Remember: Planning is critical. Linkpages’ widgets take the hard work out of creating beautiful landing pages. However, in today’s attention-deficit world, you must consider the content you add to your Linkpages. Placing too many external links on your Linkpage risks lowering your conversion rate by distracting readers from becoming your customers.

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