How to create your first Linkpage

Get started with creating a mobile-friendly landing page with multiple links.

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Here's how you can start creating Linkpages on Uniqode's dashboard.

Step 1: Go to Linkpages

Click ‘Create’ on the top right of the screen and select 'Linkpage' to begin.

Or, Select 'Linkpages' in the left navigation bar.

Step 2: Build your Linkpage

Enter a ‘Title’ and a ‘Description’ for your Linkpage. Also, add a ‘Button title’ and the correct URL for your link below it.

  1. Add an ‘Icon’ or ‘Thumbnail’ to your button link.

    1. Images with your brand logo can make your page recognizable and reinforce your branding.

    2. Ensure the image size is 500 x 500 pixels with a 1:1 aspect ratio for the best outcome.

  2. Click on ‘Add Link’ to add more links.

By now, your Linkpage should start taking shape on the right side of the screen.

With Uniqode, you can create a Linkpage with either ‘Standard’ or ‘Advanced’ links. For this tutorial, we will create a Linkpage with standard links.

Step 3: Design your Linkpage

After adding the relevant links, click “Next Step” on the top right of your screen to begin designing your Linkpage.

Here, you can customize the background by picking a color or uploading an image. Select a color from the palette or enter the hex code directly.

You can also change the style and color of the font and link buttons.

NOTE - To make your link buttons stand out, ensure their colors are in contrast to the background.

Click ‘Next Step’ after you have given your Linkpage the desired look.

Step 4: Set up your Linkpage

Turn the ‘auto-generated’ toggle button OFF if you want to set a custom URL slug to your Linkpage.

Alternatively, let the toggle button be ON to create an auto-generated URL slug.

Click ‘Finish’ after setting up the Linkpage. Your Linkpage is now ready to view!

Note: You can view the Linkpage name, the date created, Linkpage URL, total page views, and more under ‘Linkpages’ as shown below.

You can always customize, rename, or duplicate an existing Linkpage after creating it by clicking on ‘Actions’. Click ‘Close’ to finish.

NOTE: Linkpages are editable. You can always go back and change the button URLs, customize the design, and toggle the settings even after publishing your Linkpage.

Step 5: Connect your Linkpage to a QR Code

Click "+Create QR Code" to connect your Linkpage with a new QR Code.

You can also move on to create another Linkpage by clicking on "Create another".

Step 7: Setup your QR Code

Choose your desired Linkpage from a dropdown list of existing Linkpages created on your account, and click "Next".

Step 8: Customize your QR Code

Customize the look and feel of your QR Code by changing its background colors, adding a logo, or changing the eye shapes and pattern of the QR Code.

Step 9: Name your QR code

Your QR Code is now ready. Use the QR Code and Preview buttons to preview your QR Code and its associated Linkpage.

Enter a name for your QR Code and click "Save".

You can download your QR code by clicking "Download QR Code" below the preview.

Click ‘Finish’ when done.

Watch the video below to learn how to connect your Linkpage to a QR code:

How many Linkpages can you create?

Depending on the Uniqode plan that you have subscribed to, the number of Linkpages you can create will vary:


Plan limit








25 (Buy add-on Linkpages at $1/month)



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