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Get started with creating a mobile-friendly landing page with multiple links.

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Linkpages is Uniqode’s landing page builder that helps you organize your content using multiple links and widgets. This quick and easy-to-use editor can help anyone who wants to build landing pages in minutes.

Here’s why we built it.

Create trackable and editable mobile landing pages at scale

If you spend a lot of time creating landing pages and microsites frequently, chances are you spend much more time awaiting assistance from developers or designers.

What if all the components of building a webpage were under your control? We loved the sound of that! That’s why we've created a super-easy tool called Linkpages to help you.

Uniqode’s Linkpages is a simple and easy-to-build landing page builder that lets you host multiple links and digital content in one place. This no-code tool can take you from zero to a fully functional mobile landing page within minutes!

Whether you have an upcoming marketing campaign or need to build a landing page that houses all your relevant content, Linkpages can help you.

How Linkpages' builder helps you

Let’s say your company ‘Fresh Face Cosmetics’ wants to create an online brochure for your customers. Linkpages can host your entire product line on a single page within minutes. Here’s how you can:

1. Build your Linkpage

Linkpages’ builder is a no-code editor that lets you preview your page as and when you edit it.

2. Customize your Linkpages

Enjoy the freedom to add images, backgrounds, buttons, and fonts to customize your page according to your brand identity.

3. Setup your Linkpages

Choose how you want to track, schedule, and protect your Linkpage before and after going live.

Voila! Your trackable and editable mobile product brochure is ready within minutes!

All Linkpages are mobile-friendly. Hence, they provide a good user experience and help your Google SEO ranking. Linkpages also offer deeper analytics for clicks.

Linkpages help

  • Businesses build multiple mobile landing pages that attract visitors, convert leads, and close & retain customers within minutes.

  • Creators quickly and efficiently collate all their online content on one page.

  • Marketing managers deliver beautifully designed, trackable mobile landing pages at scale.

  • Skilled freelancers deliver a best-in-class online portfolio to recruiters and clients.

And so much more! The possibilities are truly endless.

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