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How to integrate Workato with Uniqode?
How to integrate Workato with Uniqode?

Connect Uniqode to your existing apps with Workato and automate your QR Code workflow.

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Workato is a business integration software that allows you to connect apps in your workflow. By integrating it with Uniqode, you can automate your QR Code workflow in an easy-to-use, code-free environment.


Integrate Workato with Uniqode

Connect with Uniqode

  1. Sign in to your Workato account.

  2. Click Connections under ASSETS section in the left.

  3. Click Create in the right, then click Connection.

  4. Search ‘Beaconstac’, then click the Beaconstac app.

  5. Choose the Project Location in the Location field.

  6. In a new tab, sign in to your Beaconstac account.

  7. Click Integations in the left menu, then click Workato.

  8. Copy the YOUR API KEY and ORGANIZATION ID in the API Key.

  9. Come back to the Workato page and paste the Organization Id fields respectively.

  10. Click Connect.

Creating recipes in Workato

  1. Sign in to your Workato account.

  2. Click Recipes under ASSETS section in the left.

  3. Click Create in the right, then click Recipe.

  4. Name your recipe and select your project location.

  5. Choose Trigger from an app under Pick a starting point.

  6. For TRIGGER search and select Beaconstac app.

  7. Choose the task that you want to automate. In this case, let’s create a trigger that notifies people via email whenever a QR code is scanned. Click QR code scanned.

  8. Click + icon under ACTION.

  9. Click Action in an app.

  10. Search and select Gmail app, then sign in and allow access to Gmail if not already.

  11. Click Send an email.

  12. Enter To, Subject, and Message fields.

  13. Click Save in the top-right corner, then click Exit.

  14. Click Start recipe.

Note: Workato also lets you add data collected in previous triggers to your email’s body for more context. You can select any of the parameters for the ‘QR Code Scan’ action to get more in-depth information with each notification.

Workato opens doors to new possibilities for QR Code automation. Sync responses from lead generation forms with your favorite CRM, set up an analytics workflow on Google Sheets to track QR scan details, sync QR Codes with your loyalty program, automate dynamic QR code generation (complete with templates of your choice) and so much more.

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