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Why does Uniqode recommend its customers use custom domains?
Why does Uniqode recommend its customers use custom domains?

Here are three key benefits of deploying QR codes that direct your audience to a custom domain.

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As a user, you use URLs to direct people who scan Uniqode QR codes to your contest, promotion, quiz, giveaway, or any landing page you have created to serve a business purpose. The URL is a key differentiator, linking your QR code to your brand. Implementing custom domains to deploy your QR codes gives you the following:

  1. Stronger control: Uniqode provides secure default domains like,, or on its platform to deploy your QR codes. However, providing a custom domain or a branded link to your QR code gives you complete control over its security and empowers your online presence.

  2. Better conversion rate: Studies show that displaying QR codes with your brand’s URL increases click-through rates by 34% as it increases link trust and familiarity. Hence, QR code campaigns with branded domains and URL slugs can help customers identify the campaign and encourage them to perform desired actions when directed to your website.

  3. Improved brand recall: A custom domain name also dramatically improves your brand recall, as your users will find it easier to search for and remember.

If you are a customer on the Plus or Business + plan and are not using a custom domain for your QR codes, please work with our customer success team to configure it.

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