How to duplicate a QR Code?

Learn how to duplicate a QR Code on Uniqode's dashboard.

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Uniqode's duplicate feature helps you create a new, distinct QR Code that retains the branding, settings, source, and destination URLs of the original QR Code.

Let's say you're launching a new product line and want to create QR Codes for different marketing channels. Traditionally, you'd need a separate QR Code for each channel such as your website, product packaging, and social media posts. Creating multiple codes with the same look and feel can be time-consuming.

By duplicating a QR Code, you save time designing a new one for each campaign.

Even though these duplicate QR Codes look similar, Uniqode tracks scans for each one individually. You can also attach additional UTM parameters to each duplicated QR Code for crystal-clear tracking. This way, you can see how many scans each campaign (website, packaging, social media) generates.

Steps to duplicate a QR Code

  1. Go to the QR Code dashboard and choose QR Code from the sidebar. You will see a list of all QR Codes you have created previously.

  2. For the QR Code you want to duplicate, click the ellipsis and choose Duplicate from the drop-down. A copy of your QR Code will be created.

  3. Click the QR Code name to rename it. Renaming a QR Code helps in tracking multiple campaigns.

  4. You can add labels to your QR Codes to group or differentiate them easily. Click the ellipsis and choose Label.

  5. You will now be able to use the QR Code on different campaigns. You can further edit the QR Code details by clicking Edit.

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