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Introduction to QR Code analytics

Learn what your QR Code analytics terms mean

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Uniqode analytics dashboard is available, by default, to all users and is available on all plans.

What can QR Code analytics do for your business?

Accurate, accessible data bridges the gap between vague and strategic, informed business decisions.

Evaluate the performance of your QR Code campaigns

Knowing how often your QR Codes are scanned gives a good idea of how your QR Code campaigns perform. More unique scans signify higher engagement, while low scans indicate that your QR Code promotion efforts need fine-tuning.

Identify the best-performing and low-performance campaigns

The number of scans also helps you identify the best-performing and low-performing campaigns. This way, you can determine which campaigns to scale up and which to optimize or discontinue.

Make informed, data-driven decisions

Uniqode provides the location, device, and browser analytics of your QR Codes. Use this data to understand your consumers better and make informed decisions.

How to measure your QR Code campaigns with Uniqode?

Uniqode provides an enterprise-grade analytics dashboard for all its users. Unlike other QR Code generators that show surface-level data, Uniqode provides in-depth QR Code analytics. You can delve into the nitty-gritty of how your QR Codes are performing.

Key features and capabilities of Uniqode’s analytics dashboard

  • Total QR Codes: Total number of your static and dynamic QR Codes.

  • Total scans: Total scans your codes received in a defined time range.

  • Top performing QR Codes: A list of your QR Codes with the most scans.

  • Timeline: Total and unique scans across specified time ranges.

  • Day-wise and hour-wise analysis: Total and unique scans per day and hour.

  • Top GPS Locations: A list of IP locations with the most scans.

  • Device Analysis: Percent share of operating systems for scanning your QR Codes.

  • Browser Analysis: Percent share of browsers opened after scanning your QR Code.

  • Labels: Labels assigned by users in your account to QR Codes

  • Geo Analysis: A map displaying the location of your scans, along with the top 10 countries, states, and cities based on the number of scans.

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