What is a scannability score?

Learn how to use QR Code scannability scores to boost your campaign.

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Your QR Codes need to be scannable. This is a vital aspect that needs to be kept in mind while customizing your QR Code - you want to ensure that your design has contrasting colors, readable eyes, patterns, and so much more.

The best way to do this is to test your QR Code by scanning it after creation.

At Uniqode, we’ve created an extra feature to help you gauge the scannability of your QR Code - Real-time, range-based scannability scores.

When you customize a QR Code on Uniqode, you will see a dialogue box under the preview. This is the scannability score of your QR Code, showing you just how scannable your design is.

As you customize the design for your QR Code, you will notice that the scannability score changes in real time to reflect the current score of the Code.

You will also receive suggestions highlighting possible changes that can be made to improve the scannability of the QR Code. Use these suggestions to improve the readability of your QR Code and help users access the information you have for them seamlessly.

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