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How to use Auto Design to create custom QR Codes
How to use Auto Design to create custom QR Codes

Experience a powerful and intuitive way to create stunning QR Codes in seconds

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What if you could instantly generate brand-aligned QR Codes that perfectly complement your business needs without fiddling with colors and logos?

With Auto Design, you can create stunning QR Codes that perfectly match your brand without the hassle of manual customization.

Spend less time on design and more time crafting impactful campaigns. Auto Design elevates your QR Code game with:

  1. Extracting your branding information: Auto Design uses your brand colors, logos, and themes to generate multiple custom QR Code suggestions that seamlessly integrate with your brand identity and design needs. It works across multiple campaign types and considers elements like themes from your Forms and color elements from your PDF or Linkpage to work its magic.

  2. Assisting your creativity: Love a specific image or want to explore even more design options? Upload it on Auto Design and receive a range of unique QR Code recommendations that remain true to your brand.

Here's how it works:

Step 1 - Select the type of QR Code campaign

Login to the Uniqode dashboard and click 'QR Codes' in the left-hand panel. Next, select ‘Create QR Code’. Select the type of QR Code you want to create. For this example, we're creating a Website QR Code.

Step 2 - Enter the details for your QR Code

The setup page will prompt you to enter details for your QR Code based on the type of QR Code that you select. For example, if you choose to create a Website QR Code campaign, you will be prompted to enter a link as the destination URL for your QR Code.

You can also add UTM parameters under Parameters below the link text field.

Step 3 - Choose from a set of recommended templates that suit your brand

Auto Design recommends a set of brand-aligned QR Code designs by adapting to the type of QR Code campaign you choose to create:

Step 4 - Personalize your QR Code in a few clicks with Auto Design

Want to add more customization? Upload an image to match your QR Code design. You can upload a logo or center image by clicking Browse.

Note: Auto Design will recommend designs with color combinations that offer the best contrast and scannability.

Select up to 3 colors you want included in your QR Code's design.

Note: If you need to modify the colors of your design, choose another color from the palette to see new designs. All "selected" colors will be indicated by a blue circle outline.

Click Refresh to see new QR Code design suggestions.

Click Use This Design once you like a suggestion.

Step 5 - Download your QR Code

Save your QR Code by clicking Download QR Code. Download your QR Code in PNG, SVG, JPEG, or EPS formats.

Craving more creative control in designing your QR Codes? Uniqode helps you express your unique brand voice with a much more advanced tool to customize your QR Codes.

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