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Uniqode Product Updates: December 2022
Uniqode Product Updates: December 2022

Check out new improvements in Uniqode, including bulk sharing and customization for cards, and new features for Linkpages like adding PDFs.

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Here’s wishing you a delightful new year from all of us at Uniqode!! 😄

We’ve wrapped up a very exciting 2022 and are pleased to share several new product updates to round out the year. Most notably, our new products like Linkpage and Digital Business Cards increasingly gained customer trust and received lots of feedback over the year. This engagement and adoption also strongly reflect our user growth as we stand strong today.

We’ll continue to iterate and add new capabilities in 2023 with a vision to enable global phygital connections. We welcome you to participate in an exciting journey by staying updated with our notifications on Uniqode’s dashboard.

Thank you for growing with us in 2022. We look forward to helping you achieve new heights in 2023.

Recently shipped features and improvements

Bulk sharing and customization options in Digital Business Cards

We are pleased to announce a few highly requested additions to Digital Business Cards. Here are a few key things in this update:

  • Simplified bulk upload: Creating Digital Business Cards in bulk is now easier with a streamlined format to upload card details.

  • Bulk share wallet passes: Sharing your Digital Business Cards will get seamless as you can email multiple wallet passes simultaneously.

  • Custom fields and label support: Go beyond templates and add custom information to your Digital Business Cards.

Improved experience in uploading multiple PDFs

We have made it easier to upload multiple PDF files in an organized manner and make them accessible through a QR Code. This is a great way to share multiple menus, product user manuals, and documents via a single QR Code.

More Linkpage widgets

We’re releasing a few more widgets as an extension to an enhanced version of the Linkpage released last month. New capabilities include:

  • Upload PDF: You can upload multiple PDFs with the Upload PDF widget.

  • Enhanced text widget: Create neat text blocks that can format text headings, add links, and highlight any text easily.

  • Additional widgets: Phone, SMS, and Email widgets to easily add contact information to your Linkpage.

2022 Round Up

Looking back at some of Uniqode’s biggest wins in the year’s last monthly product update is fitting.

More intuitive dashboard

2022 was a year of paying close attention to customer feedback and utility. Our product team regularly collects quantitative data to know where users are dropping off and identify other areas of friction. We scoured through every customer feedback received to understand what made a user struggle at a specific step and not complete a journey.

Once we had enough insight into different users and their unique circumstances, we applied our learnings to our dashboard to make the user journey seamless in a scaleable manner that works for all our users.

Evolving Digital Business Cards

Good products evolve. Uniqode used to offer a platform to create digital business cards in both static(non-trackable vCard) and dynamic(trackable vCard Plus) modes since 2019. But, we saw an uptick in vCard users in 2020, which only grew.

When we focused on how our newer vCard Plus customers interacted with the product, we discovered they asked for a simpler, more defined card creation experience. While we worked on introducing shareability and customization options to vCard Plus, we found it had all the characteristics of an early-stage product.

Hence, we launched Digital Business Cards (DBC) - a truly scalable, customizable, and shareable version of vCard Plus. We were also the first to introduce the innovative option to share digital business cards via wallet passes. This game-changing move phenomenally helped us replace paper business cards in many businesses within months.

Today, many businesses switch from paper-based cards to Uniqode’s Digital Business Cards for their interactivity, shareability, and convenience.

Key features developed with the evolution of Digital Business Cards

  • Simplified user experience

  • More business card templates

  • More customizable fields for richer business cards

  • Easier and robust bulk upload and sharing

  • Quick sharing and saving capabilities with wallet passes

Launching Linkpages

Like Digital Business Cards, Linkpages’ journey began with another dynamic QR code product, the Landing Pages. As a global QR code platform that bridges gaps in the phygital world for businesses, we have continued to discover some unique ways our customers use our products. When we deep-dived into how our customers used our Landing Page QR codes, we saw their need for a more straightforward, mobile-friendly landing page that could house multiple links. Simply put, our customers were looking for a link-in-bio page on steroids.

That’s not surprising at all! The businesses we support are seeing a growing need to connect with different audiences online and easily distribute relevant content to their customers. With 6.64 billion smartphone users in the world, it’s only imperative that businesses build mobile-friendly landing page campaigns for them.

The all-new Linkpages are designed to provide our customers with an enhanced user experience and increased chances of transforming their page visitors into full-time customers.

Key features offered with Linkpages:

  • A completely self-serve and no-code builder

  • Enhanced user experience with a live preview

  • Customizable and richer widgets

  • Stronger analytics

Enhanced analytics and reports

A SaaS dashboard is only as good as the reports it generates. One of the best ways our customers get more out of our QR codes is by getting a clear view of the metrics (KPIs) that are foundational to their decision-making.

That’s why we decided to perform a major facelift to enhance our reporting capabilities with deeper analytics and newer ways to sort and filter QR code campaigns.

Key improvements in analytics and reports:

  • New labels for easier QR code management

  • Supporting better campaign tracking with UTM parameter support

Succesful integrations

As a platform, we offer integrations with products that our customers use to derive the true business value from their QR codes.

Not to mention, there are many business benefits to providing highly-requested integrations to our platform. From generating leads, reducing customer churn, increasing upgrades, and improving retention, integrations are crucial to our quintessential strive for an optimal customer experience.

Some of our key integrations this year have been:

  • Google Analytics 4

  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory integration to auto-create digital business cards for employees

Upcoming releases:

  • Digital Business Cards

    • Improved Wallet Pass creation experience: Get a preview and customize your Digital Business Card Wallet Pass before you share it.

    • New layouts: Get three more layout options to customize the look and feel of your Digital Business Cards.

  • QR reports are more shareable now: You’ll be able to share the on-screen analysis of your QR codes to anyone via email, link, or export it to a PDF file.

  • Pass parameters to Linkpages and links: Filter or organize content and track information by passing parameters to your Linkpages and links.

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