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How to add my QR Code to a brochure or a flyer?
How to add my QR Code to a brochure or a flyer?
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A QR Code on a flyer can bridge the gap between your offline audience and your online networking platforms. This will help you improve engagement, boost your brand presence, and expand your customer base.

Using a Dynamic QR Code, you can capture data like the time, location, and device type of anyone who scans your flyer’s QR Code. This can help you track your campaigns and understand the most effective bits of your marketing strategy.

  1. Go to the Uniqode dashboard and select 'QR Codes' in the left navigation bar.

  2. Select Website QR Code.

  3. Enter the website link (URL) to direct your flyer’s audience.

  4. You can also use Parameters to add URL query parameters or query strings to your website's link.

  5. Next, you can customize your QR Code by changing the color and shape of the eyes, pattern, frame, and logo. You can customize the background by picking a color or uploading an image and a “Scan Me” logo.

  6. Choose the colors that match your company’s brand identity.

  7. Click 'Finish'. Name and label your QR Code for better organization

  8. You can download your QR Code in PNG, JPEG, SVG, PDF, or EPS format.

  9. Now, you can add your new QR Code to your flyer.

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