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Get started with creating a shareable and trackable digital business card.

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Digital business cards are the new way to establish your brand name and create connections. With Uniqode Cards, you can create, customize, and share them with your employees swiftly without any manual effort.


  • Uniqode Cards Solo plan or above.

Create your Digital Business Card

Select a layout for your card

  1. Sign in to your Uniqode account.

  2. Click Cards from the drop-down in the top-left.

  3. Expand Digital Business Cards:

    1. To create a card for yourself, go to My Cards, then click +Create a card in the top-right.

    2. To create cards for your organization employees, go to Organization Cards, then click BULK CREATE in the top-right.

    Note: Only the organization’s admins can view both My Cards and Organization Cards. Other users can only view My Cards.

  4. Select an existing template or select Start from scratch then choose a layout to build your card.

    Note: For the organization users, only the editable input fields enabled by the organization admin will be accepted and displayed on the cards. Learn more

Set up your card

For individual cards

  1. In the BUILD tab, enter the employee details for whom you want to create the card.

  2. In the Contact Details section, add the required contact details.

  3. In the Social Links section, add the required social media links.

  4. Click Next.

For organization cards

  1. Download the recommended template in CSV or XLSX format and edit the employees’ data accordingly in the data file.

  2. Click Browse, then select the edited data file to upload.

Design your card

  1. In the CUSTOMIZE tab, choose a color for the Profile Text Color per your brand’s theme. You can also choose Secondary Color accordingly.

  2. Under the Font section, choose your preferred font and color. We support 1400+ Google fonts, so you can search and select any Google fonts. You can also upload and use your desired font

  3. Choose the font size of the title in Title Font Size.

  4. Click Next.

Launch your card

  1. In the SET-UP tab, under URL DOMAIN section, select a URL for your card. If you want to enter the domain URL manually, disable Auto-generated, then enter the short name in the respective field.

  2. Under ADVANCED SETTINGS, you can enable the viewers to automatically download the card when they scan the QR code by enabling the AUTO-DOWNLOAD CONTACT.

  3. If you want to track the location of your card viewers, enable GPS LOCATION.

  4. Collect contact information from your contacts once you share your cards by enabling TWO-WAY CONTACT SHARING. Choose the data you want to collect from your leads. The Name, Email Address, and Company fields are mandatory.

  5. Choose your QR Code style from the QR CODE TEMPLATES.

  6. Click FINISH.

Share digital business cards with your employees

Once done, you can view the card details on the right and preview sides. You can share your cards via Google or Apple Wallet pass or download the QR Code by shifting to the QR Code view.

Note: To automatically create and distribute your digital business cards for your employees, integrate your Uniqode account with your organization’s Microsoft Azure Active Directory

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