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Simplify digital business cards creation using templates
Simplify digital business cards creation using templates

Use templates to quickly create your digital business cards.

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Creating and scaling digital business cards for multiple employees simultaneously can be tedious. You may need to replicate the card’s design every time you create the cards. To simplify this process, you can now create and use a template for your digital business cards and use it whenever you create them.

Using a template, you can fix a design theme that fits your brand’s image using layouts, color themes and font styles. Once done, you can reuse this template to replicate the same design for all the cards you create. This helps you to create cards for your employees with ease.


  • Uniqode Cards Team Plan or above with administrator privileges.

  • At least one card created in the account.

Create a template for your digital business cards

  1. Sign in to your Uniqode account as administrator.

  2. Click Cards from the drop-down in the top-left.

  3. Expand Templates, then click Business Cards.

  4. Click + New Template in the top-right corner.

  5. Choose a design for your card template.

  6. Enter the required contact information. If you want to lock any fields to restrict users from editing, you can do so by clicking the lock icon next to the field name.

  7. Click NEXT.

  8. Customize your template by choosing the color theme and font style. You can also choose to fix the theme and font style by clicking the lock icon near the respective fields. This will prevent your users from changing the color and font style of the card.

  9. Click NEXT.

  10. Enter a name for your template.

  11. Enable Auto-generated under URL DOMAIN or disable it and enter your required short name.

  12. Under Advanced settings you can do the following:

    AUTO-DOWNLOAD CONTACT - Enable to directly download the card when the users scan the QR Code.

    GPS LOCATION - Enable to track the location from where the scans are made.

    TWO-WAY CONTACT SHARING - Enable to collect the contact information of the people with whom the card is shared. You can choose the data you want to collect from the contacts. The Name, Email Address, and Company fields are mandatory.

    TRACK IP LOCATION - Enable to track the location of the scans based on the device IP address.

    You can lock any of these settings to restrict users from making any changes.

    Note: If any of these settings are enabled or disabled in the Organization settings, then it will be overwritten over any changes made within the template settings.

  13. Choose a QR Code template. You can fix this also by clicking the lock symbol near the field.

  14. Click FINISH.

Once done, this template can be used anytime when you want to create cards manually or via Entra ID. To remove a card from templates, click the three-dots in the bottom-right of the card template. Click Delete.

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