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Uniqode Product Updates: May 2023
Uniqode Product Updates: May 2023
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Since Uniqode's inception, we've recognized the increasing importance of seamless QR Code capabilities in the business environment.

With over 31,000+ customers worldwide, Uniqode continues thriving as a leading platform for QR Codes. What truly sets us apart is the invaluable feedback we receive from you, our loyal customers. Our passionate community includes entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketers, and even businesses. All of you have a keen understanding of your product wishlist. We've taken those insights to heart to launch a brand new product to empower professional networking.

Say hi to Cards, a groundbreaking addition to our product lineup. We've revolutionized our offerings by decoupling the previous vCards, which was an integral part of QR Codes, and have transformed it into a new and powerful solution.

Here's a brief introduction to Cards, its capabilities, and a rundown of what's been going on at Uniqode over the past month:

Introducing our game-changing new product: Cards

Say goodbye to traditional paper business cards and embrace dynamic, interactive digital experiences.

Cards are digital business cards that help you easily share contact information via email, QR Codes, or social media channels and collect leads.

Fully customizable with rich media content, such as images and links, Cards will help you make a lasting impression on potential customers. Now, you can :

  • Effortlessly create and customize digital business cards at scale, reflecting your brand with custom templates.

  • Share your cards efficiently with peers via Wallet Passes, customized to match your brand image.

  • Collect contacts effortlessly whenever you share your details, streamlining lead generation.

  • Access individual and organization-level analytics on your digital business cards.

and much more!

Recently shipped features and improvements: Cards

Multi-organization support

Now, you can add and create multiple organizations on Cards. An organization allows everyone in your team to be part of a single and collaborative team on Uniqode.

Note: This feature is available only in the Business plan and above.

Simplified Azure AD integration to onboard users to multiple organizations

Cards are configured to integrate with any Microsoft Azure Active Directory server. HR teams can use this feature to synchronize and create employee information with their digital business cards at pre-defined intervals.

As an extension to this integration, we now support adding users under different organizations and creating cards for them (based on their email domains) directly from Active Directory.

Note: This feature is available only in the Business plan and above.

Custom label support

Your contact information (and business card) is as unique as your fingerprint. This new feature lets you create custom labels (apart from the ones provided on Uniqode) on your digital business cards. Custom labels let you categorize your contacts based on specific criteria relevant to your business or personal needs.

Recently shipped features and improvements: QR Codes

Restrict your QR Code audience based on their geolocation

As an improvement to our recently released Geolocation QR Code campaign, we can help you redirect visitors from specific countries with a toggle button. Now, you can make your content available only in the countries your campaign is meant for.

We have renewed our SOC® 2 Type 2 certification

Uniqode has always emphasized a security-first approach in product engineering, incorporating data encryption, privacy practices, and threat-detection safeguards.

Uniqode is committed to safeguarding data and considers it a critical responsibility to maintain the trust of every individual, team, and organization that relies on its platform. That’s why, every year, we enlist the expertise of external data security professionals to conduct an audit to ensure the highest standards for enterprise-grade platforms. This yearly audit process helped us identify areas of improvement and strengthen our ecosystem against internal and external threats and secure a SOC® 2 Type 2 certification.

The SOC® 2 Type 2 certification guarantees that your data is protected through risk minimization procedures, regular comprehensive audits, and enterprise-grade security measures.

Upcoming releases:

  • Linkpage templates: We will release various templates to help you quickly create a Linkpage using an existing template and save some favorite Linkpages as templates to use again.

  • Wallet pass templates: We are working on releasing template support for wallet passes so you can save a template according to your company branding.

  • CRM integrations (Salesforce and Zapier): We are working on key integrations to help card owners automatically direct all collected leads from their digital business cards to Salesforce and Hubspot. Zapier will supercharge our efforts to help more enterprise and business teams integrate Uniqode into their workflows.

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