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Uniqode Product Updates: November, 2022
Uniqode Product Updates: November, 2022
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It’s that time of the month when we tell you about everything that’s happened at Uniqode, and as you’ll see below, we’ve been quite busy! 😄

Recently shipped features and improvements

All-new Linkpage widgets and analytics

We are super pleased to announce a few highly requested additions to Linkpages. Here are a few key things in this update:

  • More widgets to create advanced Linkpages: Create richer Linkpages by adding text, an image gallery, a background video, and embedding a video block.

  • Aggregate analytics support: View aggregate analytics for your Linkpages on a single dashboard. Also, monitor link performance to gain user insights and learn how your Linkpages perform.

Auto-creating Digital Business Cards gets easy with Microsoft Azure Active Directory integration

Now, you can create Digital Business Cards for all your employees in one go by integrating your organization's Microsoft Azure Active Directory with Uniqode. This update also helps you automatically create a new Digital Business Card when a new employee joins. Learn more about the integration here.

Note: This is a Business+ feature.

Improved Digital Business Cards preview experience

This highly requested update aims to make Digital Business Card creation a more satisfying experience. Now, you can see the preview of your Digital Business Card (along with its corresponding QR code) before sharing it.

Enhanced label management

Many of you have experienced performance issues while applying labels to QR codes at scale. Our updated user interface will deliver a consistent experience when you apply labels to thousands of QR codes at one go.

Add-on users support on the Plus plan

As part of our initiatives to provide more value to our premium account owners, we’ve enabled all Plus plan account owners to buy add-on users for their organizations whenever they want.

Upcoming releases:

Shareable QR code analytics reports:

A lot of you have been asking for the ability to export analytics in a readable format so that you can share it with your stakeholders or presentation. We heard you. Soon, you’ll be able to share the on-screen analytics of your QR codes with anyone via email, link, or simply export it to a PDF file.


  • Cool new widgets: New widgets include upload PDF, Phone, SMS, and Email widgets.

  • Pass parameters to Linkpages and links: Filter or organize content and track information by passing parameters to your Linkpages and links.

Digital Business Cards:

  • Simplified bulk upload: Creating Digital Business Cards in bulk will get easier with a streamlined format to upload card details.

  • Bulk share wallet passes: Sharing your Digital Business Cards will get seamless as you can email multiple wallet passes simultaneously.

  • New layouts: Get three more layout options to customize the look and feel of your Digital Business Cards.

  • Custom fields: Go beyond templates and add custom information to your Digital Business Cards.

  • Improved Wallet Pass creation experience: Get a preview and customize your Digital Business Card Wallet Pass before you share it.

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