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Uniqode Product Updates: August 2023
Uniqode Product Updates: August 2023
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In today's digital landscape, customer experience is vital to a business’s success. Meeting customers' demands for instant gratification, personalization, and seamless interactions is key. This digital wave is not just about products and services but a fusion of physical and online realms, or what’s popularly known as phygital.

Market trends show that enhancing user experiences is vital for growth in this evolving digital landscape. Recent data reveals that companies with superior customer experiences witness 4-8% higher revenues than their peers. At Uniqode, we thrive on building tools to help businesses blur the lines between products and services.

Deep linking support, a game-changer in this context, allows businesses to guide users directly to customized app sections, streamlining their journey and boosting satisfaction. This technology is pivotal in maintaining a competitive edge in the digital era.

Read on to know how our new feature can help you employ deep links with our Mobile App campaign:

Recently shipped features and improvements: QR Codes

We now support deep links in Mobile App QR Codes

With this update, our QR Codes will go beyond simple link redirects in the Mobile App campaign (previously called App Download). The Mobile App QR Code will allow you to seamlessly navigate your users to specific pages within an app.

Employing deep links can help you craft digital experiences where users can directly access specific app sections tailored to their interests. This will help you improve crucial touchpoints to craft an effortless user journey that drives trackable engagement and user satisfaction. It opens up possibilities for creative marketing campaigns, streamlined customer onboarding, interactive engagement strategies, and much more.

As the competition in the digital landscape intensifies, this feature will set you apart with cutting-edge tools for engagement and growth.

Upcoming releases:

  • QR Codes with smart rules: To create dynamic QR Codes that can automatically take users to multiple destinations based on conditions like the type of device they use, the languages they prefer, the day of the week, the time of the day, and more.

  • Linkpage templates: To quicken the time to create a Linkpage with an existing template. Users can also duplicate their favorite Linkpages as templates to use again.

  • Custom domain for Cards: To help businesses use their domain names for digital business cards, improving their branding and credibility.

  • Multi-language support for Cards: To help users create and manage digital business cards in multiple languages. This will help businesses create personalized card exchange experiences for their clients/prospects and will help foster global communication at scale.

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