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Uniqode Product Updates: December 2023
Uniqode Product Updates: December 2023
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Forget resolutions; 2024 is all about QR Code revolution! As we begin the year, we continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of phygital engagement.

And today, we invite you to join us as we create a new future with a new name.

Say hello to Uniqode! 🎉

Uniqode 2024: Unveiling an Era of Bold Evolution

Uniqode is more than just a rebrand; it's a declaration of intent to build the infrastructure that bridges the physical and digital worlds with QR Codes.

Of course, our new look is still powered by the same awesome team. This means that while our name changes, our exceptional service and products remain the same. We will continue to provide high-quality products and outstanding customer support.

Before we charge ahead, we wanted to look back into our key releases last year that have propelled us to this moment:

QR Codes: More Than Meets the Eye

This year, QR Codes transcended their dynamic gateways to provide more personalized experiences. We saw businesses leverage features like:

Smart Rules: Tailoring QR Code experiences to individual audiences and business goals.

Mobile app deep links: Creating QR Codes that lead scanners to specific spots within apps, bypassing home screens and taking users straight to the right content.

Delivering on Promise, Branching Out Boldly

We believe consistency builds trust, and in 2023, we delivered. We strengthened Linkpages as a product. We shipped every promised feature, from social media widgets, custom domains to deeper analytics.

We saw an opportunity to refine your experience and branched out by separating digital business cards into a distinct product, Cards. This strategic move allowed us to focus on delivering exceptional experiences in QR Codes and Cards to more customers, paving the way for greater growth in 2024.

Other Key Features Shipped in 2023:

GPS settings for Bulk QR Codes to help users toggle GPS settings during bulk QR Code creation.

Two-Way Contact Sharing to enhance the networking and collaboration experience for professionals using Cards

Team Invites to help users share QR Code management with team members and grant custom access levels to help invitees create and manage QR Codes.

SOC® 2 Type 2 Certification demonstrates our commitment to data security and maintaining high standards of data security and privacy for our users.

Excited for What's Next:

Get ready for a wave of Uniqode innovation, starting with a more robust Cards platform to empower you and your connections. Simplified QR-Linkpage creation experience will make Linkpages a seamless part of creating QR Code campaigns. You will discover the power of effortless QR Code management with a new and intuitive filtering system.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! We're brewing even more game-changing features under wraps, so stay tuned – the best is yet to come.

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