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Uniqode Product Updates: February 2023
Uniqode Product Updates: February 2023
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February is when the novelty of a new year makes way for the work to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. This has been a busy month at Uniqode. We have been deep at work creating what we believe will revolutionize how you network with people in the real and virtual world for years to come. Naturally, we are very excited to tell you all about it. However, this announcement will have to wait for now.

👀 Meanwhile, here are some key feature updates released in February.

Recently shipped features and improvements

Easily change GPS settings for Bulk QR codes

Say goodbye to manually changing GPS settings for each code while creating a large batch of QR codes. We now support a GPS toggle while bulk uploading QR codes.

Add custom parameters to Website QR codes and personalize your campaigns

Now, you can track your QR codes by passing custom parameters to your Website QR code. These parameters will be included in the destination URL of your website and augment your code-tracking abilities.

Note: Linkpage also supports passing custom parameters.

Upcoming releases:

  • New social media widget for Linkpages: We’ve updated the widget with options to add a headline, custom social icons, button links, and the ability to rearrange the sequence of how social icons appear on your page.

  • Lead collection from Digital Business Cards: You will soon be able to collect leads via your Digital Business Cards to nurture further and turn them into customers.

  • Salesforce and Hubspot integration: Your simple, user-friendly Digital Business Card gets stronger as you will soon be able to automatically direct your collected leads to Salesforce and Hubspot.

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