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Onboard employees to multiple organizations and create cards in bulk
Onboard employees to multiple organizations and create cards in bulk
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If you are running a business where you have to manage multiple organizations and departments, creating digital business cards for all your employees across multiple departments and sub-organizations one by one can be tedious. To simplify this process, Uniqode Cards now enables you to onboard and assign your employees to their respective departments or organizations and lets you create digital business cards for all of them in one go. You can also choose the respective templates for each organization.


  • Uniqode Cards Team plan or above with administrator privileges.

Bulk onboard employees and create cards in multiple organizations

  1. Sign in to your Uniqode account.

  2. If you are in the QR codes product, click Cards in the top-left.

  3. Expand Digital Business Cards, then click My Cards or Organization Cards.

  4. Click BULK CREATE.

  5. Click Multiple orgs.

  6. If you have multiple organizations and want to onboard and create users within their respective organizations, click Multiple orgs.

  7. Format your CSV or XLSX file containing your employee details using our template. To view the template, click CSV template or Download XLSX template.

  8. The following are the fields that need to be filled:

    Note: In the Organization column, enter the organization ID as a number to create a new organization, or simply copy and paste the ID of an existing organization from your Uniqode account. To find the ID of an existing organization, go to the Organizations menu and copy the ID of the organization you need. You can also add any social media links other than the ones listed in the template as well.

  9. Upload your CSV or XLSX file containing your employee details by clicking browse under Upload your data section.

  10. Select the file then click Upload. If there are any errors in the data that you have entered in the file, edit the data correctly then click REVALIDATE.

  11. Click Next.

  12. In the Assign templates, choose the template for the cards for each organization.

    Note: If there are no templates created in the specified organization, the default template will be assigned automatically.

  13. Click Finish. Click Close to close the confirmation pop-up.

Once the bulk request is processed and the cards are ready, you will receive an email. After that, you can distribute them to your employees.

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