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How to create QR Codes in bulk
How to create QR Codes in bulk

Create batches of dynamic and static QR Codes in bulk with Uniqode's bulk QR Code update.

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Whether you are hosting an event and want attendees to have a personalized QR Code or want customers to visit your various landing pages, creating QR Codes manually, one by one, is tedious.

To save time and effort, you can now create QR Codes in bulk.

Note - Bulk QR code creation is available starting from the Lite plan and above.

Here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Select QR Type

Login to your Uniqode dashboard and click the ‘QR Codes’ button in the left panel. Select ‘Bulk Upload’.

You can now select between creating static or dynamic QR Codes in bulk. You can also select from various use cases for your QR Code. For this example, we’ll create a batch of dynamic QR Codes linked to different web pages.

Step 2: Upload QR Code data

After selecting the type of QR Codes you wish to create, you will need to upload the data for your QR Codes. You can do this using a spreadsheet with the details for your QR Codes in a format that follows Uniqode’s pre-defined template. If you haven’t already downloaded our template, click on the download button as highlighted.

This will prompt a download of our template in .csv and .xlsx formats.

Upon opening the downloaded file, you will see the following spreadsheet.

This is our template for bulk QR Code creation. It consists of three columns:

  1. Name - Fill this field with the name you want to give each QR Code. This will help you better organize and manage your QR Code campaign. This is a mandatory field.

  2. Website URL - Fill this field with the URL you wish to link your QR Code. This is a mandatory field and must be filled in for your QR Code to work.

  3. Frame text - This field defines the text that will be displayed on the frame of your QR Code, as applicable.

The default value for frame text (specified in the QR Code template) will be applied upon leaving the frame text field blank. This default value can be altered in the customization screen, as shown in the coming steps.

This field is irrelevant for QR Codes without frames and can be left empty.

Alter this template to suit your needs - add more rows, give your QR Code names, add the relevant URLs, alter frame text, etc.

Once the required alterations have been made, head back to the bulk upload page and upload your spreadsheet in the ‘Upload your data’ section. Note that the spreadsheet needs to be in .csv or .xlsx format.

Step 3: Customize QR Code design

Change the color of the QR Code, add a logo of your choice, alter the eyes and the pattern, etc. The design you create will be applied to the entire batch.

Step 4: Assign a label to your batch

Once you’re happy with your QR Code design, click the finish button. You will now be asked to assign a label to your batch. This will help you better manage your new batch of QR Codes in the future. Once you’ve assigned the label, select ‘Apply’.

Step 5: Submit a request for bulk QR Code creation

You will now be notified that your QR Code creation process has begun.

You will receive an email notification once your QR Codes are ready.

NOTE - The creation process can take up to a minute for a batch size of 100 - 500 QR Codes.

The creation process can take up to four minutes for a batch size of 1,000 - 2,000 QR Codes.

Correcting errors in QR Code data

With an incredible amount of data going into each bulk QR Code creation request, we wanted to make it easier for you to correct any errors before the creation process begins.

When uploading your data in spreadsheet form in Step 2, you will be notified of any errors or missing values detected in the same window.

You can edit the entries within the same page by clicking on the red pencil next to each error. Once you’ve corrected the errors, select Revalidate. If you want to continue with the values on the screen, click Skip. This will cause any rows with errors to be skipped in the QR Code creation process.

NOTE - For cases where more than 20 errors are detected, the spreadsheet will not be displayed on the screen. In such cases, you must manually open the spreadsheet in an editor and rectify errors.

How do I change the GPS settings for the QR Codes with the bulk upload feature?

You can turn-on the GPS location toggle if you want to view the location of users who scan all your QR Codes. This will help you gather insights about your audience, tailor content, and drive your ROI.

Enable the "GPS location" under Step 3 to customize the design of your QR Codes.

How many QR Codes can you create with the bulk upload feature?

Depending on the Uniqode plan that you have subscribed to, the number of QR Codes you can create will vary:

Dynamic QR Codes


Plan limit

Batch size limit



Up to 50



Up to 250



Up to 1,000

Business +


Up to 2,000

NOTE - QR Codes requested in multiple batches cannot exceed the available QR Codes limit for relevant accounts.

Static QR Codes


Plan limit

Batch size limit



Up to 50



Up to 250



Up to 1,000

Business +


Up to 2,000

*If you face any difficulty while creating QR Codes in bulk, you can reach our support team by sending an email to

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