How to find QR Codes with Filters

Manage your QR codes using filters, sorting, and view options.

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Filters are available to all Uniqode customers.

Sort QR Codes by Name, Date of creation, and Number of Scans

Find the codes you need by clicking the desired sorting option above the QR Codes list.

You can sort QR Codes by:

  • Name: To arrange QR Codes alphabetically by title.

  • Created: To order from newest to oldest (or vice versa).

    Note: Simply sort the QR Codes again to change the order from oldest to newest.

  • Updated: To prioritize recently edited codes.

  • Scans: To focus on your most popular (or least scanned) codes.

View QR Codes

Uniqode offers two view modes: a grid for a concise overview and a list with detailed information. Switch between views effortlessly based on your preference.

List View: Provides a compact summary of each QR Code, including name, creation date, label, and scan count. You will also find options for more details of your QR Code, analytics, link preview, download link, and an option to edit the QR Code.

Grid View: Offers a visual representation of your codes with larger thumbnails, allowing you to quickly scan designs and access key details.

Filter QR Codes

Filters can help you locate specific QR Codes, even among hundreds or thousands, instead of tedious manual searching.

Choose from eight options to filter codes:

  1. QR Code Name: Search for codes by title.

    Note: To quickly find a specific code, use the search bar within this filter to enter keywords or partial names.

  2. QR Code Link: Track down codes linked to certain URLs.

  3. QR Code Type: Narrow your search by type of campaign (Website, Landing Page, App Download, etc.).

  4. Label: Focus on codes within specific label categories.

  5. Scan Count: Find your most (or least) scanned codes.

  6. Date Created: Track codes created within a specific timeframe.

  7. Last Updated: Prioritize recently edited codes.

  8. Source: Differentiate between codes generated through bulk requests or the dashboard.

Remember, you can combine multiple filters using Add filters for more specific searches. For example, you can find all social media codes created after last month with over 100 scans and located in the Grid view.

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