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How to view analytics for multiple QR Codes on the listing page
How to view analytics for multiple QR Codes on the listing page

View aggregate analytics by selecting QR Codes on the listing page

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Analytics and filters are available to users on all plans.

View analytics for QR Codes of your choice:

  1. Select QR Codes

  • Click QR Codes on the left panel.

  • Select the desired QR Codes by checking the boxes next to their names.

2. View analytics

  • Click View Analytics to see the combined data for the selected QR Codes. You should now be able to view the aggregate analytics of the selected QR Codes.

3. Apply filters

Click Add Filters to filter the chosen QR Codes by specific criteria:

  • Name: Filter by QR Code name.

  • Destination Link: Filter by the URL linked to the QR Code.

  • Type: Filter by QR Code type (e.g., Website, Landing Page, App Download).

  • Label: Filter by custom labels assigned to the QR Codes.

  • Scan Count: Filter by number of scans.

  • Creation & Update Dates: Filter by dates the QR Codes were created or updated.

  • Source: Filter by the source of the scan (e.g., website, app, etc.)

4. Choose time period:

  • Select your desired period from the dropdown menu to filter analytics by date range.

5. Export data:

  • Click Export to save the filtered analytics data.

  • Choose between CSV and PDF formats from the dropdown menu.

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