How to use labels with QR Codes

Organize your codes and streamline your analytics using labels

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Labels are a great way of organizing your QR Codes and make it easier to search, filter, and analyze your codes. Here's how to get started with labels on Uniqode.

Step 1: Select Your Codes

Login to the Uniqode dashboard and navigate to the QR Code menu.

Select the codes to which you want to apply the label by checking off the boxes next to the codes in the main list view.

Step 2 a): Add Your Labels to Existing Codes

Once you've selected your codes, click "Label" at the top of the list view.

This will show you all your existing labels and allow you to create new ones.

You can either select an existing label or create a new one. To create a new label, click on '+Create New Label' and type the name of the new label.

Once you've filled in the label name, select a color for the label. Once the labels you need are created, select the labels you want to add to the QR code. A checkmark will appear next to the labels you've selected.

You can add one or multiple labels to each QR code. Once you've chosen the labels you want to add, click "Apply." You will then be able to see the label next to all of the assigned QR Codes.

Step 2 b): Add Labels to New QR Codes

You can add a label to a QR Code in the QR Code creator.

Learn how to create a QR Code here: How to create your first QR Code

Once you've chosen the content and design of your QR Code, the final stage of the QR Code creator will give you the option to add a label under 'Show Advanced Options'. You can choose an existing label or create a new one with the same steps as above by clicking on 'Manage Labels'.

Step 3: Filter Your Codes Using Labels

At the top of the QR Code list view, you will see a Filters option. Click Filters and select Label. Once you've chosen to filter by label, click the drop-down menu that says No Label. A list of all of your existing labels will appear. Select the label you'd like to filter for. You can filter QR Codes with one or multiple labels.

Step 4: Analyze Your Codes Using Labels

In the Analytics section of the dashboard, under QR Codes, you can pull reports that are filtered by label. Select your desired date range and the label you'd like to filter for on the top right of the Analytics dashboard. You can choose one or multiple labels to filter in the Analytics dashboard.

When you've chosen which labels you want to filter for and the date range, click 'Export' to download a CSV of your data filtered by a label.

NOTE - Shared labels across organizations are only available for customers on Business+ plan.

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