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Response types for QR Code-based forms
Response types for QR Code-based forms

The use cases for each type of response offered under Forms

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When creating QR Code-based forms on Uniqode, you can choose from several response types for your form.

How you use these response types will determine the ease of use of your form.

To help you get started, here is a quick breakdown of each question type:

  • Short Text - These responses are typically used for one-word inputs. This is ideal for getting quick one-word information from users, such as their name, city, nationality, etc.

  • Long Text - Designed for descriptive answers, long text responses are great for more subjective questions. Use this response type to collect customer feedback and suggestions.

  • Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) - This response type is ideal when the user needs to select from pre-defined answers. This is great for capturing inputs for gender, language, etc. This is also great for data collection, thanks to the empirical nature of MCQs.

  • Statement Dropdown - A visual representation of the MCQ, the dropdown is great for bringing a different level of interaction to your form.

  • Yes or No - This type of response is ideal for objective questions that the user can either agree or disagree with.

  • Number - Accepts only number format inputs is ideal for collecting phone numbers

  • Email - This field helps you capture the email id of the user. This is great for forms that are directed at leads.

  • Rating - The rating response provides a 5-star scale for the user to rate your product, service, or event. This is a great addition to any customer survey or feedback form.

  • Opinion Scale - The opinion scale is a Likert scale style response field that helps users visualize their opinion from 0 to 10. The scale consists of 3 text values (left, center, and right) where the text entered in the left field corresponds to 0, the center field corresponds to 5, and the right field corresponds to 10

  • Website - Great for collecting website links, the website response type is perfect for collecting links to online portfolios, etc.

  • Legal - Used for legal statements like terms and conditions, disclaimers, etc which have only two default answer options: I ACCEPT and I DON'T ACCEPT

  • Phone Number - This is used to obtain phone numbers from the users.

  • File Upload - This is used to obtain any files from the users.

  • Welcome Page - This is used to customize the start screen of your form. Enter a title, share a quick message, and give the user instructions before they start answering your questions. This is vital to ensuring a good form experience.

  • Thank You Page - This is used to customize the screen users see after answering all your questions. This is a great place for adding a Call To Action. You can also enable the social sharing to help your form spread further.

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