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Calculator for QR Code-based forms
Calculator for QR Code-based forms

Improve QR Code form functionality with the in-built calculator

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Uniqode's QR Code-based forms have an in-built calculator to improve form functionality.

The calculator allows you to assign a score or price based on the answers. You can then use these scores to enhance logic jumps.

This is ideal for creating form-based quizzes, shopping carts, etc.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we'll create a Covid-19 form that denies access to individuals who say yes to any 2 of the following:

  • Experiencing Covid symptoms

  • Have come into contact with someone who has tested positive

  • Have been quarantined for the last 14 days

To do so, we must create a logic jump that adds one every time the user replies yes. They will be denied entry if the total score is two or above.

Step 1: Create form

Create the QR Code-based form from the Uniqode dashboard.

Add the questions above to the form. Ensure that the response type is objective.

NOTE - The calculator can only assign scores to objective response types. Eg. MCQ, Yes or No, etc.

For a step-by-step guide on creating forms on Uniqode, click here.

STEP 2: Click on ‘Calculator’ to assign a score

Select the three dots on the right of the question you wish to assign a calculation to and select 'Calculator'.

Next, click ‘Add a calculation'.

We will add 1 to the total every time the user inputs 'yes' for any of the above questions. We'll assign this calculation to all three questions.

STEP 3: Set up the logic jump

Head over to the last question and select 'Logic jump' from the three-dot menu on the right. Next, click the 'Add logic jump' button.

If the score is equal or greater than 2, it implies that the user has said yes to two or all of the above questions, making them a safety concern. We'll redirect them to the 'Access denied' page.

For all other cases (the user saying yes to one question or saying no to all questions), the user is considered safe and can be redirected to the 'Access granted' page.

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