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Creating logic jumps for QR Code-based forms
Creating logic jumps for QR Code-based forms

Learn how to create logic jumps to enhance your Qr Code forms

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Logic jumps enable you to create interactive forms that change questions based on the user's responses.

Let’s say you want to create a COVID-19 declaration form. Based on the user’s answer, you can show them a different question or a response.

To activate logic jumps, you must have at least one question on the form.

Let’s create a basic form to illustrate how logic jumps work.

Step 1: Create form

Create the QR Code-based form from the Uniqode dashboard.

For a step-by-step guide on creating forms on Uniqode, click here.

Step 2: Add questions to your form

Add the various questions you need for your form. Also, add any variations in questioning that you would like to appear based on the user's response.

For this example, We're creating a COVID-19 declaration form.

We've added one Yes or No question: "Have you been experiencing any COVID symptoms?"

We've also added 2 variations of ‘thank you screens’ to end the form. The user will see either one end screen based on their response.

Step 3: Setup the logic jump

Once you've added the question, click on the menu icon next to it and select 'Logic jumps'.

For this example, we have only one question, and therefore, the logic jump will be a straightforward one:

  • If the user answers 'Yes', they will be redirected to a ‘Thank you screen’ that says “Please talk to a representative. Access is denied.”

  • If the answer is no, the screen will say, “Access is granted”

We begin by setting up the logic jump so that the default screen is the "Access granted" screen.

We then set up an If-then statement.

If someone answers ‘Yes’ to the question, then jump to the 'Access denied' thank you screen.

This implies that unless the user responds to the form with a 'Yes', they will be granted access. However, on responding with a 'Yes', they will be taken to the 'Access denied' screen.

This simple logic jump used a single question to decide the next step.

You can experiment with more questions and different response types to create more intricate logic jumps for engaging forms.

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