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How to enable and view GPS analytics for QR Codes
How to enable and view GPS analytics for QR Codes

Track QR Codes with GPS location data

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You can view the GPS location of users who scan your QR Code. The GPS location feature will help you gather insights about your audience, tailor content, and drive your ROI.

NOTE - The GPS location feature is available only on the Lite, Pro, Plus, and Business+ plans.

Enabling GPS location data

Step 1: Create your QR Code

Login to the Uniqode dashboard, head to the QR Code menu, and select 'Create QR Code'. Follow the steps until you reach the Customization page.

Step 2: Turn on GPS Location

On the customization page, scroll down to the 'Advanced location analytics' section. Here, you will see the GPS location option. Toggle the switch on.

That’s it. You’re done!

How to view GPS location data

From your list of QR Codes, choose the one for which you want to view the data and click Scans.

You will start seeing data like:

How does the QR Code scan with location work?

When users scan your QR Code for the first time, they receive a location access prompt. Once they click Allow, you will start seeing accurate data.

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