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How to redirect your QR Code audience based on their geolocation
How to redirect your QR Code audience based on their geolocation

Redirect anyone who scans your QR Code to pre-defined content or webpages based on their location with a Geolocation QR Code.

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What is geolocation-based redirection?

Geolocation-based redirection redirects users to specific content or web pages based on location. Uniqode helps you to do location-based redirection that utilizes their IP information to redirect a user to pre-defined content or webpages based on their location.

A Geolocation-based redirection is a powerful tool that can help businesses deliver targeted content to potential customers based on their current country. Our new Geolocation campaign now supports redirects to up to 243 different countries.

How can businesses use Geolocation QR Codes?

Geolocation redirection can help businesses tailor their marketing campaigns to specific regions to improve the user experience, engagement, and conversion rates by providing relevant content to the user based on their location. Here are some examples:

  • Targeted promotions: Offer targeted promotions to customers from a specific country. For example, you can create a QR Code that redirects customers to a landing page with a special promotion or coupon only available to those who scan the code from a particular country.

  • Personalized recommendations: Offer personalized recommendations to customers based on their current country. For example, a travel agent can create a QR Code that, when scanned, redirects the user to a landing page with personalized recommendations for attractions specific to a country.

  • Gain insights: Businesses can use the data collected from Geolocation tracking to understand the behavior of their customers in different regions and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly.


Geolocation-based redirection is available for all Uniqode customers.

Create a Geolocation QR Code

  1. Go to Create on the top right of your dashboard.

  2. Choose QR Code from the dropdown menu

  3. Click on Geolocation.

  4. Enter the website link to link with your QR Code.

Note: The default location is set to United States (US). You can delete this location after you add your required locations.

  1. Click on Add country.

  2. Choose your desired location from the dropdown menu and click Add.

  3. Enter the website link you want the QR code audience from this location to access.

  4. Click on Add country to add more locations and links.

  5. Note: You can now see your link with the custom parameters at the end of the link.

  6. Click on Parameters to add custom parameters on each link.

  7. Click on Next.

  8. Design your QR Code by selecting a pre-designed template or change the logo, eyes, pattern, background, and frames.

  9. You can turn on Advanced Location Analytics to track the exact location of the users who scan your QR Code.

  10. Click Next.

  11. Name your QR Code and click Save.

Your QR Code is now ready!

  1. Scan your QR Code to check its corresponding link based on the location.

  2. You can also Download your QR Code by clicking on Download QR Code below the preview on your right.

  3. Click on Finish to get done.

How many Geolocation QR Codes can you create?

Depending on the Uniqode plan that you have subscribed to, the number of Geolocation QR Codes you can create will vary:


Plan limit









Business +


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