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White Labeling - Bring your brand to Uniqode
White Labeling - Bring your brand to Uniqode

Learn how to enable White Labeling on Uniqode and bring your brand assets to the platform.

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Business customers can enable white labeling and remove Uniqode branding from the platform, allowing you to showcase the QR Code platform to clients and users.

Enabling white-label will remove Uniqode branding from the dashboard, QR Code domains, weekly and monthly email reports, etc, and replace it with your business’s brand name and logo.

Note - White labeling is only available to BUSINESS+ customers

How to enable white-label from your dashboard

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘White label’.

  • Enter the domain or subdomain URL you wish to use under Dashboard branding.

  • Upload the company logo in the format and dimensions as mentioned. This logo will be used across the platform.

  • Select ‘Save’, and you’re good to go!

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