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Uniqode Product Updates: October 2022
Uniqode Product Updates: October 2022
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October was a big month for us, and I’m excited to tell you all about it!

Recently shipped

More Form templates have arrived.

Uniqode continues to add new ways to help customers like you maximize your productivity. This time, we’re releasing all-new templates to make it easier to collect the data you need to understand your audience better.

Here’s how to create your own form using a template.

  • Collect contacts and leads with ready to use Form templates

  • Build forms quicker - Whether it’s asking your customers for feedback or helping them schedule an appointment with you, you can easily collect leads with our ready-to-use form templates.

  • Wide variety - Choose from options like quizzes, surveys, applications, and more to quickly create eye-catching and efficient forms that fit the needs of your business.

  • Customize themes for your Forms - We love finding new ways to help professionals like you build engaging content through our products. This year, we saw a 50% YoY increase in users that created Forms with Uniqode. Naturally, it led us to think about how to make Forms better. On the other hand, many of you requested this addition.

How does this improvement help you?

Templates are an easy way to build Forms that grab your audience’s attention and collect information from them. Customizable themes give you the ability to tailor your Forms to match your branding. This makes it possible to offer a highly-curated experience that not only wins over your customers but also boosts recall.

Set up the Uniqode form response trigger, and make magic happen automatically in Salesforce CRM

Using our Zapier integration you can now collect Uniqode form responses and automatically Add Lead to Campaign. Find more info here.

Note - This integration is supported on Pro plan and above.

One user, multiple roles.

As a Uniqode account owner, you could already assign different levels of access (roles) to a team member. This month’s update helps account owners assign multiple roles and organizations to the same user.

How does this feature help you?

Many of us don various hats as part of our job. This is especially true if you manage multiple projects in your line of work. For example, a Sales Manager may also handle the responsibilities of an Account Manager on a different project for a short time.

That’s why we wanted to make user management more flexible for Uniqode’s account owners. With this simple update, account owners and master administrators can now assign multiple roles to a user for any organization under your account by choosing from a simple drop-down list.

As you already know, Uniqode’s users can have three levels of access: Account owners who signed up to Uniqode for their teams, Administrators who can add/remove users from their organization, Editors who can only see and modify resources that they have access to and Viewers who only have read-only access to resources and data already present.

Note -This feature is available on the Plus and Business+ plan.

Digital Business Cards improvements:

  • Seamless distribution of Digital Business Card Wallet Passes - We have introduced an auto distribution feature to fully automate and decentralize the distribution of wallet passes to your employees once their digital business card is ready. Here’s how to enable it. Once the setting is enabled, any Digital Business Card that gets created, updated will be shared with its owner via automated email as a link.

  • Multi-line support for address and summary - You can now add multiple lines in the address and summary fields.

  • Updated Wallet Passes in your email - Tired of keeping track of the changes you make to your Digital Business Card? We’ll email you your updated Wallet Pass each time you create a new business card or update an existing one.

  • Google Wallet Pass support for Android - What good’s a business card if you can’t share it with anyone? Uniqode has added a new way to share your card with your contacts. Now, you can save your Digital Business Card as a Google Wallet Pass and share it directly from your Google Wallet.

Find out how you can turn your business card into a Google Wallet Pass.

Note - This feature is available on the Lite plan and above.

SSO and Just-in-time provisioning (JIT) for Businesses

We’ve taken our Business+ user onboarding process to the next level with SSO integration and Just-in-time (JIT) provisioning.

How does this feature help you?

If you are a global brand and wish to onboard your vendors, subsidiaries and thousands of employees to Uniqode platform in a controlled way.

We made it easier. Configure SSO integration with Uniqode and request for JIT provisioning feature. Now, when your new employees log in with SSO, Uniqode JIT provisioning automatically creates their accounts. Once the account is created, provisioning automatically applies your corporate network's password policies to your organization using your own identity provider. With JIT provisioning, you can use a SAML assertion to create users the first time they log in to your org from a third-party identity provider.

JIT provisioning saves you time and effort because it eliminates the need to provision users or create user accounts in advance. With JIT provisioning, your identity provider passes user information to Uniqode in a SAML assertion, which is processed and a user account is automatically provisioned. Uniqode JIT handler does the heavy lifting of creating and updating user accounts.

Note: This is a Business+ feature. Schedule a demo with our Business+ team to know more about SSO integration and Just-in-time provisioning.

Releasing next week…

Simplified user experience for Digital Business Cards creation at scale - Create Digital Business Cards for your entire workforce in a matter of minutes using a predefined card layout, branding and improved experience.Here is how to create Digital Business Cards in Bulk.

Note - This feature is available on the Lite plan and above.

Microsoft Active Directory integration - Create Digital Business Cards at scale. Our (currently underway) Microsoft Active Directory integration will take all the manual work of creating Digital Business Cards and keeping up with contact updates at scale.

Note - This integration will be available on the Pro plan and above.

New Labels user experience with a performance upgrade - We have significantly improved performance when applying labels to thousands of QR codes. With an updated user interface, our goal is to provide a consistent experience of using labels. With labels, you can easily filter and categorize QR codes as you see convenient.

Linkpage updates:

  • Background video: Now you can add a background video (up to 50 MB) to your Linkpage with an auto-play option.

  • Video blocks: Linkpages now support embedding a video block by simply inserting their links. (via Youtube or Wistia)

  • Text Block: Adding text to your Linkpage is richer and better. Choose from alignment options, font styles, types, & space, and next-line characters.

  • Image Gallery: Add multiple images to a grid or a carousel view.

  • Link button text: Easily change the font inside the link buttons to customize the look of your Linkpage.

  • Aggregate analytics support: View aggregate analytics for all your Linkpages on a single dashboard.

But wait, there’s more coming soon…

  • New Digital Business Card layouts - You’ll soon see more layout options to customize the look and feel of your Digital Business Cards.

  • New QR code frames - We’re working on bringing you more design customization options so you can use your QR codes to fit your brand.

  • Improved label management experience

  • Octopus - Smart routing and redirection of links using a smart QR code.

Have questions or feedback for us? Feel free to reach out via live support chat or email 🙌

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