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Uniqode Product Updates: April 2022
Uniqode Product Updates: April 2022

Uniqode upgrades QR Code management with these functions: filtering, trash, bulk actions, fillable PDFs & Google Analytics integrations.

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We are super excited to let you know about several improvements we’ve made so far in April 2022.

Recently shipped

  • Better organize and quickly filter your QR codes using new Static and Dynamic QR codes views

  • QR Codes Trash feature to temporary store or recover deleted QR codes. When you delete a QR code, it stays in your trash for 30 days. After that time, it will be permanently deleted from your account and can't be recovered

  • New user experience to activate bulk actions on selection of QR codes such as bulk download, label & export QR codes.

  • Dynamic QR Codes list Report: Now, you can bulk export list of QR codes with QR code source and destinations URL's. To access this report, you can simply goto dynamic view and select QR codes you wish to include in report

  • User experience update to navigation menu for better accessibility and ease of QR Codes creation from overview page

  • Help section to access different resources right from the dashboard.

  • Fillable PDF support: We now support fillable PDF's so that your users can fill the PDF and download filled PDF's

  • Manage your Uniqode integrations from one place

  • Manage permissions about Uniqode feature access for certain teams (Plus and Business + plans)

  • Google Analytics (GA4) integration: We now support both GA4 Measurement ID and UA Tracking ID

But wait, there’s more coming soon…

  • Download Digital Business Card as Mobile Wallet Pass

  • Brand new templates to create Digital Business Cards and more customisation options such as adding multiple emails, improved preview

  • Ability to Bulk Delete and recover QR codes

  • Uniqode - Canva Design integration

  • UTM support and custom parameter support

  • Updates to asset library upload user experience

  • Restaurant menu will support adding more times, upload custom menu icons

  • Multi language support for restaurant menu and ability for end user to select language

  • UX and performance improvements to Forms

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