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Uniqode Product Updates: January 2023
Uniqode Product Updates: January 2023

Uniqode revamped digital business cards with new layouts, wallet pass previews & employee onboarding. Share QR code analytics in a PDF.

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We are glad to start another jam-packed year full of new releases, feedback-based learning, and growth. Read on to learn about some exciting feature updates we have for you.

Recently shipped features and improvements

Brand new layouts for Digital Business Cards

As a major visual revamp (and in response to all your feedback), we have added three new layouts that will introduce new looks and more flexibility to creating digital business cards.

Improved wallet pass preview experience for Digital Business Cards

We have extended a live preview experience to digital business card wallet passes. It means you can now see a preview of your wallet pass and customize it as per your branding. This update will make the look and feel of your wallet pass predictable.

Improved employee onboarding for Digital Business Cards

We have made more definitive changes in digital business card creation to make it more collaborative. The email recipients of your digital business card will now receive both Google and Apple wallet passes with more contextual information, including:

  • The name of the business card creator

  • Directions on how to use the wallet pass.

They will also receive a link (valid for 30 days) that leads them to a self-serve portal. Here, the card owners can add their personal information, including:

  • Profile image

  • First & Last Name

  • Prefix & Suffix

  • Pronouns, and

  • Summary

After adding their information, they can also download the updated wallet pass and its corresponding QR code.

Share and view your QR code analytics report in a PDF format

You can now share your QR codes’ analytics report with your stakeholders via email, link, or export it to a PDF file and review your campaign performances. Click "Export" on the top right to see your options.

Pass parameters to Linkpages and links

Now, you can filter or organize content and track information by passing parameters to your Linkpages. These parameters will be added or included in the destination URL of your Linkpage, making it easy to track and attribute to.

Upcoming releases:

  • New social media widget for Linkpages: We’ve updated the social media widget with options to add a headline, custom social icons, button links, and the ability to rearrange the sequence of how social icons appear on your page.

  • Lead collection from Digital Business Cards: You will soon be able to collect leads via your Digital Business Cards to further nurture and turn them into customers.

  • Hubspot and Salesforce Integration: Your simple, user-friendly Digital Business Card gets stronger as you will soon be able to direct your collected leads to Salesforce and Hubspot automatically.

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