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Uniqode Product Updates: May 2022
Uniqode Product Updates: May 2022
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We are super excited to inform you about several improvements we’ve made so far in May 2022.

Recently shipped

  • Convert your Digital Business Card QR code into Apple Wallet Pass: You can download it to your mobile device and share your contact details with ease

Digital Business Card QR - Apple Wallet Pass

  • Bulk delete QR codes: selection based QR codes bulk delete actions are enabled

  • Bulk upload feature now supports adding a custom slug ( short alias) in the QR code short URL.

  • Zapier integration now supports adding frame text to the QR code.

  • UTM or custom parameters support: You can pass utm or custom parameters to your destination URL for better tracking and parameter-based automation

  • Asset library UX update to provide a better and more consistent upload experience

  • Landing pages performance improvements

  • Analytics UX and UI updates:

    • Consistent experience in exporting and viewing single QR codes vs. aggregate analytics.

    • Introduced a new bar chart and grouping by campaign option for better visualization of scans

    • New metrics: Returning users are introduced to better understand your users

    • New table for scans by city, state, and country for better visualization

  • Canva Design and Uniqode integration :

You can access and directly add your static, dynamic QR codes from Uniqode account into Canva. Here is a link to directly access this feature.

Note: Integration is available to users on PRO plan.

Uniqode - Canva Design Integration

Click the link to watch the Canva Design and Uniqode integration video.

But wait, there’s more coming soon…

  • Performance and UX improvements to Forms

  • DBC Automation: Zapier and Make/Integromat support for DBC creation

  • UX improvements and addition of new templates to Forms

  • Ability to save and reuse a Digital Business Card as a template

  • New Digital Business Card templates with different layouts

  • Pronoun support (He/She/They)

  • Ability to add multiple emails, phone numbers and websites to your Digital Business Card

  • New user preference: Enforce auto download contact upon scan

  • Location/Address UX/UI update

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