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Uniqode Product Updates: July and August 2022
Uniqode Product Updates: July and August 2022
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Super excited to let you know about the several improvements we’ve made in July and August 2022!

Recently shipped

We are super excited about our newest product addition, “Linkpage”.

Linkpage Beta:

Create a mobile-friendly, link-in-bio page with multiple links

Please feel free to give it a try and let us know if you have any suggestions.

Here are the key features:

  • Multi-link management: Create and manage all your links on one linkpage

  • Design: Customize page design with background color or image, link separator, custom shape buttons

  • Analytics: Get page and link level analytics in real-time: Click-Through Rate(CTR), views, link clicks, new users, and returning users

  • GPS tracking: Enable GPS tracking to get the exact location of visitors opening Linkpage

  • Schedule: Schedule your Linkpage availability by adding start and end dates for a specific timezone

  • Password protection: Secure your Linkpage access with a password

  • Branding: Create branded Linkpages by adding custom logos, colors, and fonts

  • Social media links: Add your social media links to your linkpage

  • Google fonts integration: Linkpage supports over 1400 Google fonts

  • Connect with QR code: Connect Linkpage with your branded static or dynamic QR code

  • Advanced embedded links: Access and embed your existing Landing pages, Forms, Digital Business Cards, and Linkpages

Digital business card updates:

  • Multi email, phone, websites, and label support: add multiple emails, phone numbers, and websites to your Digital Business Card

  • Google fonts support: Use Google fonts to customize your Digital Business Card

  • New layout and design options when you create digital business cards

  • Pronoun support: We now support adding pronouns to your digital business cards

  • New user preference: Enforce auto download of contact info, i.e. .vcf, when users scan the QR code.

  • New location/address widget: Link your map location and address to reduce the time taken to add an address

New payment method support:

We now support payments using Apple pay. Soon, we will be introducing more global payment methods to make it convenient for you.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA):

We have increased the security of your account with multi-factor authentication. MFA provides a higher level of security when accessing your account by ensuring that a secure code and password are used to log in. You can easily enable this new feature through your Uniqode account in just a few steps.

Apple Wallet pass improvement:

We now support adding your brand logo and profile picture to your wallet pass.

Restaurant menu updates:

Add your social media links to your Restaurant menu

Global search bug fixes:

Issues around global search are fixed now. We are working on further optimizing both global search and filters.

But wait, there’s more coming soon…

  • Bulk edit QR codes

  • Convert your Digital Business Card QR code into a Google Wallet or Apple Wallet pass:
    Download your digital business card to your Google or Apple Wallet and share your contact details with ease

  • New QR code frames and multi-text support

  • More QR code patterns for customization

  • Bulk edit QR codes: Creating and buld edit QR codes

  • Optimized QR code creation experience for mobile users

  • Bulk download of wallet passes

  • Destination URL health checker: Monitor destination URLs to ensure your end users are not affected by downtime of your website

Have questions or feedback for us? Feel free to reach out via live chat or email 🙌

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