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How to enable white-label from your Uniqode dashboard
How to enable white-label from your Uniqode dashboard

Learn how to enable White Labeling on Uniqode and bring your brand assets to the platform.

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What is white labeling?

Let’s take a quick overview of white labels for a better understanding.

White labeling is basically buying a product developed by someone else and removing their branding to re-brand it as your own.

White labeling allows your customers to believe that the product is developed by you, establishing trust and brand credibility.

Regarding QR Codes, you can remove the white label QR Code Generator’s branding from their platform and add your brand name and logo. You can also add your custom domain.

QR Code platforms generally use prefixed short URLs as redirecting URLs.

E.g., "" is used by Uniqode.

You can remove this short URL with white labeling and use your custom domain name instead. This means you could have something like "" appear when someone scans your code.

How does white labeling work in Uniqode?

Business customers can remove Uniqode branding from the platform, and create a white label QR Code platform. With White labeling, you can showcase your brand logo and name on the dashboard when you manage your QR Codes.

Enabling white label will remove Uniqode branding from the dashboard, QR Code domains, weekly and monthly email reports, etc., and replace it with your business’s brand name and logo.

Note - White labeling QR Code Generator is only available to BUSINESS+ customers

How to enable white-label from your dashboard

  • Select 'Profile Settings' in the drop-down list at the top-right corner of the page.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select White label.

  • Enter the domain or subdomain URL you wish to use under Dashboard branding.

  • Upload the company logo in the format and dimensions mentioned. This logo will be used across the platform.

  • Select Save, and you’re good to go!

Benefits of White Label QR Code Generator

  1. Brand Recognition

    Instead of our domain, you can use a custom domain, and your customers will be able to see your brand name appear in the URL. White labeling lets customers see your brand name, which helps boost brand recognition and makes customers receptive to your service or product. After all, it’s the first thing your audience will see after scanning the URL. You can also add separate domains for different customers, departments, etc, using the organization function.

    White labeling also helps you offer brand consistency where customers can experience a consistent and unified brand experience across the customer journey.

  2. Save time and money

    Building a new QR Code platform from scratch can cost time and money. You'll need to develop the tool, test it out, and have a team in charge of its upkeep. With a white label QR Code generator, you can save time and money by using a readily available solution that meets all your requirements. You will also get to use the new features and product updates when they are introduced.

  3. Build Trust

    People can be cautious about engaging with a QR Code these days. White labeling your QR Code helps! When someone scans your white-labeled QR Code, they'll see your brand name in the URL instead of a generic website. This instantly tells them it's safe and from you, building trust and encouraging them to engage with your QR Codes.

  4. Stand out from the competitors

    Imagine two QR Codes side-by-side. One displays a generic web address, while the other shows your brand name. Which one is more likely to grab attention and get scanned? The answer is clear.

    QR Codes are becoming increasingly common. While they offer an advantage, many competitors are likely already using them.

    Don't let yours blend into the background! White labeling helps you transform your QR Code into a branded experience.

  5. Increase engagement

    Users are more likely to engage with a branded QR Code. Please note that white labeling doesn’t guarantee higher engagement. You can create QR Codes without white labeling and still get spectacular results. But, with white labeling, the probability of engagement increases.

Are you interested in white-labeling your QR Codes?

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