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Bulk uploading dynamic QR Codes using Zapier
Bulk uploading dynamic QR Codes using Zapier

How to use the Zapier integration to bulk generate dynamic QR Codes directed to URLs.

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Zapier is an online automation tool that connects over 1,500 apps. You can create custom workflows so an automated task starts running in the background when one action is triggered. And you can do all this without any coding or relying on developers.

Once you've set up your Zapier account, you can get started with your bulk QR Code uploads. This article will address how to upload QR Codes that direct to URLs.


Bulk upload Dynamic QR Codes to Uniqode from Google Sheets

  1. Sign in to your Zapier account.

  2. Click Zaps in the left menu.

  3. Click Create in the top-right, then click New Zap.

  4. Configure Trigger by doing the following:

    1. In the Trigger section, choose Google Sheets.

    2. Choose New Spreadsheet Row from the drop-down in the Event field.

    3. Click Continue.

    4. Click Sign in, to sign in to your Google account.

    5. Click Continue.

    6. In the Set up trigger section, choose the required spreadsheet and worksheet from which you want to create QR Codes.

      Note: For seamless uploading of your QR Codes, we recommend you format your spreadsheet your sheet as per our recommended template below:

    7. Click Continue.

    8. Click Test Trigger. If the account connected is right, the data will be fetched from the selected sheet.

      Note: When you add a row to your spreadsheet, you can select the additional row in the Test Trigger section. For example, you can add a second row to the spreadsheet and tell Zapier to trigger when Row B has been added.

    9. Click Continue.

  5. Configure Action by doing the following:

    1. In the Action section, choose Uniqode.

    2. Choose to Create Dynamic QR Code from the drop-down in the Event field.

    3. Click Continue.

    4. Choose your Uniqode account or sign into another Uniqode account that you want to create the Action for, then click Continue.

    5. In the Set up action section, enter QR Code Name, Template Name, Campaign Type, and the required fields associated with the selected campaign type.

    6. Click Continue.

    7. Click Test action if you want to check whether everything is configured correctly.

    8. Click Publish Zap.

    9. Click Publish & Turn On.

Note: Using the template feature, you can further customize the QR Codes created by this process. To begin, create a template for your QR Codes on Uniqode. Next, head to the Create Dynamic QR Code action in your Zap and select the template you wish to use in the 'Set up action' section. All QR Codes created by this zap will now adhere to this template.

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