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Create digital business cards in bulk for your employees
Create digital business cards in bulk for your employees

Create digital business cards for multiple employees in one go.

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While managing your company, creating digital business cards for all your employees one by one can be tedious. To simplify this process, Uniqode Cards now enables you to create batches of digital business cards via the bulk create feature. With this bulk create update, you can create hundreds of digital business cards for your organization in a matter of minutes.


  • Uniqode Cards Team plan or above with administrator privileges.

Bulk create cards

  1. Sign in to your Uniqode account.

  2. If you are in the QR codes product, click Cards in the top-left.

  3. Expand Digital Business Cards, then click My Cards or Organization Cards.

  4. Click BULK CREATE.

  5. Select a layout or an organization template for your cards.

    Note: For the organization users, only the editable input fields enabled by the organization admin will be accepted and displayed on the cards. Learn more

    Note: You can also add any social media links other than the ones listed in the template as well.

  6. Upload your CSV or XLSX file containing your employee details by clicking browse under Upload your data section.

  7. Select the file then click Upload.

    Note: If Layout is disabled from the Settings menu, you can only choose designs from your Organization templates. If Customizations is disabled, then the cards cannot be customized any further, and the design will be set to the organization template you choose.

Design your card

  1. In the DESIGN tab, under COMPANY LOGO, browse and upload your company logo.

  2. Under the COLOR section, choose a primary color and a color for the profile's text as per your brand’s theme. You can also choose a Secondary Color accordingly.

  3. Under the FONT STYLE section, choose your preferred font. We support 1400+ Google fonts, so you can search and select any Google fonts. You can also upload and use your desired font

  4. Choose the font size for the title of the card.

  5. If you want to change your layout, choose another layout in the LAYOUT section.

  6. Click Next.

Launch your card

  1. In the LAUNCH tab, under Advanced Settings section, you can enable the viewers to automatically download the card when they scan the QR code by enabling DOWNLOAD ON SCAN.

  2. If you want to track the location of your card viewers, enable GPS LOCATION.

  3. Collect contact information from your contacts once you share your cards by enabling TWO-WAY CONTACT SHARING. Once enabled, choose the data you want to collect from your contacts. Name, Email Address, and Company fields are mandatory.

  4. Send email invites to the new users to let them join your organization and manage their cards by enabling SEND USER INVITE EMAIL.

  5. Choose your QR Code style from the QR CODE TEMPLATES.

  6. Click FINISH.

Once the bulk request is processed and the cards are ready, you will receive an email. After that, you can distribute them to your employees.

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