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Manage permissions and enforce restrictions over organization cards
Manage permissions and enforce restrictions over organization cards
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As an organization admin, you might want to enforce certain restrictions for creating, managing, and sharing the cards to maintain brand tone and image. With Uniqode Cards, it just becomes easier to manage these settings and ensure a smooth flow in your organization's card creation journey.


Uniqode Cards Team plan or above.

Enforce and manage restrictions over your cards

  1. Sign in to your Uniqode account as an administrator.

  2. Switch to Cards if you are in the QR Codes product.

  3. Click on your profile in the top-right corner.

  4. Click Organizations.

  5. If you have multiple organizations, hover over the right corner of the organization that you want to manage, then click the settings icon.

  6. You can enable or disable the following settings:

    Note: You can enable or disable a setting by choosing Yes or No respectively. You can choose Optional (default) if you want to keep it as an optional setting.

    Enforce card templates - Enabling this will let you or your users only use the templates created within your organization.

    Enable two-way contact sharing - Enable to collect the contact information of the people with whom the card is shared.

    Auto-save business cards - Enable to directly download the card when the users scan the QR Code.

    Track GPS location - Enable to track the location from where the scans are made.

    Track IP Location - Enable to track the location of the scans based on the device IP address.

    Auto-send wallet pass - enable to automatically send wallet pass to the card owner via email upon creating a card.

  7. If you want to reset your settings, click Reset to default.

  8. Once done, click Save.

If you have enabled or disabled any settings here, it will override any other settings that you have made within the templates and will impact when you create a new card.
For example, if you've turned on Two-way contact sharing for Organizations but then turned it off in a specific organization's template when you create a new card using this template, the card will follow the organization-wide setting for Two-way contact sharing, not the template setting.

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